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  • Welcome to Ubuntu Budgie Shop!

    Ubuntu Budgie with hardware in a custom-made suit, pre-installed!

    TUXEDO Computers are individually built PCs and notebooks that run completely with Ubuntu Budgie. All TUXEDOs are delivered so that you only have to unpack, connect and switch them on.
    All our computers and notebooks are assembled and installed in Germany! We provide you with self-programmed driver packages, support, installation scripts and everything around for our hardware. This is how really every hardware component works.

    That's Linux - so simple that everything works!


    What's Ubuntu Budgie?

    Ubuntu Budgie is a community developed distribution, integrating the Budgie Desktop Environment with Ubuntu at its core. Whether you are using it on an old computer, or a powerful workstation, Ubuntu Budgie is adaptable to any device, keeping them fast and usable.

    Easy To Use

    Friendly to newcomers from other Operating Systems, programmers and normal users alike.


    Easy to update, maintain and is stable.


    Customizable, optimized for performance on both the desktop and laptop.